To our Armory Users,

First and foremost, thank you for your continued support and for trusting Armory to secure your investment. As you may know, we’re diligently working on products and features to serve the enterprise and business marketplace. Rest assured, we will continue providing the leading advanced wallet management client to our core users indefinitely. For more information about maximizing security, you’re encouraged to read Alan’s latest security write-up in yBitcoin magazine:

Ready for some great news?

We just released Armory version, the pre-release for the full 0.92 version coming soon!

NEW Features & Fixes:

  • Multi-Signature Lockboxes! Full-featured interface for creating multi-signature addresses, funding them, and collecting signatures to spend/authorize them. Please see
  • Simulfunding (Escrow) for Addresses and Lockboxes: Use the “Multi-Sig” menu to prepare simulfunding to ANY arbitrary address, or click on the “Simul” checkbox in the lockbox manager if you are simulfunding a lockbox.
  • Armory Daemon Upgrades: has been upgraded substantially since version 0.91. This version has tons of new functionality matching bitcoind, as well as unique functionality including lockbox operations. Plan to have complete functionality implemented and tested by version 0.93.
  • Upgraded Transaction History Export to CSV: Added running balance reporting for individual and all wallets. Also fixed a bug where internal transfers within wallets were not being reported properly.
  • Root PUBLIC Key Export: You can now export just the root public key data that allows you to reconstruct your watching-only wallet. It is five lines that are easily printed or copied by hand. Could be used to provide someone a chain of addresses for multiple payments.

*_You are strongly advised to upgrade any online systems to version 0.91.2 or later to check wallets that create transactions and/or distribute payment addresses. Get the latest version from our downloads page:

If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a ticket using the Armory “Help” menu or from the website “Support” area.


Alan Reiner has been invited as a featured speaker on business security best practices at a number of premier conferences. In fact, Armory Technologies recently returned from presenting at Inside Bitcoins NYC, the MIT Bitcoin Expo, and the Bitcoin (Foundation) Conference 2014.


Thanks again, and from the entire Armory team, have a safe and happy holiday.