Armory gave a presentation about Proof-of-Payment at the MIT Bitcoin Expo and challenged the attendees to come up with a creative and fun application to demonstrate Proof-of-Payment (PoP). Please do not submit projects that you are already working on.

2 BTC will be paid to an application with these requirements

  • Verify Payment on the Bitcoin Mainnet Blockchain
  • Accept payment for 5 millibits
  • Accept a request message if and only if it is signed by the private key that paid the fee
  • Payment expires after 1 year
  • If no valid payment is found, show the QR code to pay
  • Verify that payment address has at least .1 millibits
  • Submit your program to [email protected] by May 1st

Example applications:

  • A casual game
  • 3D printing service
  • Singing telegram service
  • Joke of the day

While this contest is intended for the attendees of the MIT Bitcoin Expo, anyone is eligible to compete.

Here are some helpful resources:

An example implementation of proof of payment is on this branch of Armory:

In this branch move from samplemodules to a new directory called modules. Then build from source ( and run on testnet.

To see the entire Proof-of-Payment presentation, you can find it here starting at 5:03:15

Here are the slides from the MIT Bitcoin Expo presentation:

Proof of Payment