o promote our revolutionary new multi-signature interface with simultaneous funding (aka simulfunding), Armory Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is offering to match up to 20 BTC in donations to a list of organizations & charities that promote Bitcoin, security and digital freedoms. The new simulfunding interface enables us to create and execute a very simple Bitcoin contract: “if you donate X BTC to this organization, we will too.” The Bitcoin network enforces this agreement removing the need for the two parties to trust each other. The latest release of Armory unlocks this feature of the Bitcoin network and we are using it as an opportunity to donate to organizations that we support.

You can read more about it here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/armory-releases-first-decentralized-multi-233500704.html

To contribute or learn more, please visit: https://bitcoinarmory.com/donation-matching/