To honor the memory of Hal Finney, Armory Technologies is extending their simulfunding donation drive and including an extra 10 BTC toward go to the Hal Finney Bitcoin Fund for ALS Research created by Erik Voorhees, Jason King, Roger Ver, BitPay, and the Bitcoin Foundation. Anyone using the latest version of Armory can donate to the ALS fund knowing that their donation is valid only if Armory Technologies Inc, donates the same amount. To have your donation matched, please email [email protected], and see our tutorial for using the new “simulfunding” features that make this possible. Please note, we are happy to match your ALS donation, regardless of whether you use Armory’s simulfunding feature.

Hal Finney had a profound impact in the world of internet security, cryptography, and Bitcoin itself. He was one of the lead developers of PGP, which Armory Technologies uses every day to secure all communications and software releases. He was also the earliest adopter of Bitcoin, being the first person to ever receive a Bitcoin payment, from Satoshi Nakamoto himself. He not only contributed to the technical and social development of Bitcoin, but was extremely pragmatic about Bitcoin’s future and its challenges, and sought to craft the best Bitcoin security practices. He was a true crypto pioneer whose ideals were completely in line with Armory’s and we’re happy to do anything we can to support ALS research. Maybe one day we will find a way to reverse ALS, and Hal Finney can be brought back from cold storage and contribute once again to this ecosystem he helped build.

You can read more about Hal Finney and his accomplishments here: